PASSIONATE: two women, two passions

Sometimes, all it takes is a one-word prompt to get us writing.

Today’s Daily Post writing prompt: PASSIONATE

THERE IS NO MISTAKING the reality that Robyn is a passionate woman. She’s made a haphazard career these past twenty five years travelling around running her courses and workshops and in between working on community-oriented projects for local authorities or agencies. Recently, she was involved in producing a video about local food systems.

Her field of work is centred on the permaculture design system. You will have to look that up if you haven’t heard of it. Oh, Robyn… there are several women of that name making a living through permaculture and I’m not going to identify the particular individual. Anyone who knows the assortment of Robyns and Robins will soon work out which one I am talking about.

Short of stature, tall of intellect

Now in her mid-to-late fifties, Robyn is short of stature though not of intellect (or passion for her work). She dresses in what I would call an earthy plainness and seldom sees a hairdresser, her long, reddish-brown hair parted down the centreline and falling either side of an oval face. She’s pleasant company, quietly spoken in person though somewhat work-focused in conversational topic. I guess you would say that she mixes people skills with work and a good dash of sociability.

As I said, this particular Robyn is a passionate one. Her enthusiasm for her work is expressed through her speech and gestures, her discussions about what others are doing, her absorption of information. It is evident in the courses and workshops she teaches. There, participants absorb her passion and they leave the course or workshop on a kind of mental high, their heads full of good ideas and the enthusiasm to get started on their own.

Competent, self-effacing

Lynn has little of the outgoing enthusiasm Robyn has. She, too, runs courses and workshops and organised events centred on permaculture design. Her course participants speak highly of her.

Like Robyn, Lynn is one of those very competent women, but in a completely different way. That carries consequences. You would not describe her as a passionate person on meeting her. Unlike Robyn, she is self-effacing and, so, many people in her line of work do not know of her.

She is a few years older that Robyn. She, too, seldom sees a hairdresser, her shoulder-length light-browny-blonde hair taking on a frizzled appearance at times. She too dresses in that plain-earthy style that eschews fashion for functionality. Her speech is of the quiet type… never ruffled… never fazed by events. Her manner is less outwardly emotional than Robyn’s. This is a cool, logical-thinking woman, her mentality reflecting her teaching and engineering design drafting past. But…. is she passionate about her work?

Those that attend her courses and workshops, those that know her personally, know that there is a real passion below that quiet surface. That comes through less effusively than does Robyn’s and in that is the lesson we have about passion — different personalities express it in quite different ways.

Two women with accomplishments, two educators, two doers. Two involved in the same field of work. Two different types of passion, the effusive and the quiet. Two different passions, the obvious and hidden. Two that are different. Two that are equal. Two of the multiple ways of being passionate.


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