Jiggle… it’s just childs play


Sometimes, all it takes is a one-word prompt to get us writing. Today’s Daily Post writing prompt:  JIGGLE.

Yvette: “Here, hold the pliers”.

Rusty: “Got them. I’ll try to lift the thing… no good, it’s caught.”

Yvette: “Try a different angle”.

Rusty: “Different angle? There’s only one possible angle to get this thing out”.

Yvette: “No. I mean, grab it and try twisting it”.

Rusty: “Okay”.

Yvette: “It’s moving!”.

Rusty: “Uh… it’s caught again”.

Yvette: “Jiggle it”.

Rusty: “How do you jiggle something that’s stuck?”.

Yvette: “I don’t know. Just try.”

Rusty: “Well, your jiggle doesn’t work because you can’t jiggle somehting that’s stuck firmly”.

Yvette: “Oh, okay… what do we do now?”.

Rusty: “Hi Alisa. come to see what the adults are trying to fix?”.

Alisa: “What are you doing?”.

Yvette: “We’re trying to get the jack out of the socket, but it won’t come out”.

Alisa: “Why are you using those things?”.

Rusty: “You mean these pliers? They help us get a good grip on the jack so we can pull it out. Only it won’t come out”.

Alisa: “But you just pull it straight out. It comes out easy if you pull it hard”.

Rusty: “Huh?”.

Alisa: “I’ll show you. See, grab it and pull hard and out it comes, like that”.

Yvette: “So, it takes a ten year old to show adults how to remove a headphone jack”.

Rusty” “Uh-huh”.

Alisa: “Yep”.


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