Sting: it’s in the tail of a long relationship

Sometimes, a meeting with a past lover can have a sting in its tail…


Down by the billabong

  A series of adecdotes or vignettes is a different way of telling a story. They are mini-stories told around some common theme, some common place or involving the same person. This brings an overall unity. There is no fixed length. They might be minor incidents that, together, reveal a bigger story… WHY SHE DID... Continue Reading →


Maps stimulate the imagination and in doing so they become triggers to writing. That writing can be a tale of adventure or it can be memoir. Sometimes, it can be both. Here are two vignettes, personal stories constructed around two different maps of two different places in life… THERE WAS a lake. There was us.... Continue Reading →

Inspiration by text

A quote to inspire a personal story can be a key to thinking about what has inspired and influenced us in life. As such, it is useful to writing memoir…

24 hours

Writing about a day in your life is more than keeping a logbook of the day's events. Even though it is arranged hour-after-hour it contans observations, ideas and thoughts that spring off your excperiences of the day. This story draws on an actual day's experience while working in the Solomon Islands…

100 words

Writing to a fixed word count might sound like self-imposed torture. In reality it is a useful skill for writers to master…

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