Enrol: The lure of religious solutions

In the past I have enrolled in things I thought would create purpose and meaning in life. This is a story of enrollment and moving on in search of those things. My enrollment in the Anglican church was inherited from my parents. They were occasional churchgoers to either St Lukes in Brisbane’s southern suburbs or,... Continue Reading →


Dominance: the danger of extrapolation

A social media post about gender balance among practitioners of the permaculture design system raises questions about extrapolating the particular to the general.


WHEN Phil Stubbs, someone I know here in Sydney's coastal Eastern Suburbs asked on Facebook whether anyone knows of a quiet cafe with good coffee, wifi, gentle music and "maybe even simple, healthy food", he was asking for a place to write, work, think and "come up with big ideas". He was also asking for... Continue Reading →



A WordPress writing prompt reminds me of the two uniforms I have worn in life…



Down in Woolloomooloo trees radiate the bright warm colours of the advancing Autumn...


Unmoored: more a state of being

Unmoored… to drift free, to be unattached… a description of life, perhaps?


Adrift: on a path through life

Adrift… life without goals might not be so bad after all.


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