Sometimes, following an insistent friend can lead you into adventure… and misadventure.



Down in Woolloomooloo trees radiate the bright warm colours of the advancing Autumn...

Unmoored: more a state of being

Unmoored… to drift free, to be unattached… a description of life, perhaps?


Adrift: on a path through life

Adrift… life without goals might not be so bad after all.


Precipice: a long long way to fall

IF a precipice is a very steep cliff, then standing on the edge of one is not a good idea. I learned that back in the day when I was new to abseiling. Never stand peering over a cliff, the instructor said. Instead, lay on your belly and peer over. That's not what the man... Continue Reading →


None: that’s what we made do with

Here's the proposition: we modern photographers may be spoiled with our digital cameras and zoom lenses. Here's the question: "When in past times you used film cameras and carried them in your packs on walks into the mountains, in addition to the standard lens on your camera, how many additional lenses did you carry?". Here's... Continue Reading →


Roots: to stay or to go?

To settle and put down roots or to follow our nomadic instinct? It's a difficult choice.



Zip — its a thing, it's a sound and it's a movement. Sometimes, though, we can zip back into the unexpected, into another head space entirely…


Grey — just a study in tones

Grey is in-between. Neither black or white, it is a compromise. It holds a bit of both, a bit that fluctuates on the tides of life. Grey exists between the poles of black and white, yes and no, positive and negative. It is where most of us live our lives. That summer the grey of... Continue Reading →



Tenacious… sometimes you need tenacity to go beyond the boundary of the ordinary…


Symptom: a mountainous tale of a simple urge

Sometimes, all it takes is a one-word prompt to get us writing. Today’s Daily Post writing prompt: SYMPTOM. I GUESS it is a symptom. Or is it an urge? Both symptoms and urges are perceptions. They are something we feel. They are experienced internally. They are immaterial. Maybe they are different things stemming from the... Continue Reading →



Sometimes, all it takes is a one-word prompt to get us writing. Today’s Daily Post writing prompt: CONTROVERSY. NO DOUBT about it. We live in a disputative society. People argue. People are vexatious. I already knew this and it was confirmed for me again just last week. That happened when I posted a link to... Continue Reading →


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